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Analysis of commercialization of fuel cell vehicle
Nancy From Gasgoo| December 25 , 2017

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)-With the issue of environment and energy growing increasingly important, various auto manufacturers and technological R&D institutes now give the top priority to NEVs. Though the fledgling fuel cell vehicle is not as popular as the pure electric vehicle, it was considered to be the best solution to NEVs, which can realize zero emission. The following lists six factors that may influence the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles in China.

First, international regulations stimulate China to develop the fuel cell vehicles.

Since China had made its promise to reach emission peak of carbon dioxide and targeted a 60-65 percent cut in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP growth by around 2030, China now spares no effort to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Thanks to the characteristics of energy transfer, hydrogen can be restored and applied into fuel cell vehicles, perfectly solving the problem of reducing carbon emission.

Second, Chinese government formulates policies to support the development of fuel cell vehicles.

During the past two years, some relevant government departments formulated policies intensely to support the development of fuel cell vehicles. Moreover, a range of local governments also carried out a variety of local policies to promote the development of fuel cell vehicles. On one hand, China provides substantial subsidies for fuel cell vehicles, ranging from RMB 200,000 to RMB 500,000. On the other hand, fuel cell vehicles capture unprecedented attention from the public and Chinese government award subsidies of RMB 4,000,000 to each hydrogen refueling station which meets the technological standards.

Third, market plays an important role in the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.

The commercialization of China's fuel cell vehicles may influenced by the market. Currently, the continuous completion of the whole industrial chain will drive the Chinese fuel cell vehicle market to gain popularity. Considering China now only has single-digit hydrogen refueling stations and commercial vehicles depend little on hydrogen refueling stations, it is very likely that commercial vehicles will be the first sector to commercialize the fuel cell vehicle in China. What's more, thanks to the considerable subsidies and the development of fuel cell vehicle technologies, the fuel cell vehicles would be as cost-efficient as traditional fuel-powered ones. 

Fourth, technology will be the restriction for the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.

Technology will also exert great influence to the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. Only having equal standards in performance, service life and cost as the traditional fuel-powered ones and possessing competitiveness compared with the pure electric vehicles, the fuel cell vehicles would achieve successuful commercialization. Currently, the commercialization of the fuel cell vehicles faces such technological difficulties as durability, key materials and core components as well as hydrogen supply.

Fifth, coodinate development of related infrastructure will help promote the commercialization of the fuel cell vehicles.

To facilitate the commercialization of the fuel cell vehicles, China now need to develop the related facilities coordinately. The commercialization of the fuel cell vehicles can't develop without the coordinate development of hydrogen producing, transportation and storing.

Sixth, safety concern impacts the popularity of the fuel cell vehicles.

How consumer thinks also plays an important role to the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. A great many of people concerned the safety of the fuel cell vehicles, some people even consider the fuel cell as hydrogen bomb, although this fallacy has already been clarified both in theory and in laboratory. Actually fuel cell is much safer than petroleum even when a leak occurred or contacted with an open flame, not to mention several protective measures. The most important things are to carry out hydrogen safety standards, popularize the knowledge of hydrogen safety, after that the consumers might accept the use of hydrogen fuel cell.

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