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Youxia Motors to expand industry scale

Nancy From Gasgoo| January 22 , 2018

China auto market news, Youxia Motors Wei Jun, Tesla Apple,BMW Porsche Volkswagen Volvo Baidu Tencent

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Wei Jun, chairman of Youxia Motors summarized the company's four-year development, and also announced the information about its progress on the 2017 annual meeting.

Currently, Youxia has finished the in-depth development which is based on all-new electric platform and core intelligent technologies of the products. It also finished construction of supply system for the Youxia X model. Additionally, Youxia's trial manufacturing factory was also finished construction and can realize small batch of trial manufacturing and testing. It will embark on applying manufacturing qualification of electric vehicles and will complete construction of super factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province.

China auto market news, Youxia Motors Wei Jun, Tesla Apple,BMW Porsche Volkswagen Volvo Baidu Tencent

During the annual meeting, Wei Jun confirmed that Youxia will still focus on manufacturing exquisite products and specialize in designing high-performance pure electric vehicles. The Youxia X will be a representative model under Youxia brand, boasting all-new power system and stable performance with KITT®OS and L3-featured autonomous driving function. With the Huzhou super factory completed construction, Youxia will achieve large batch of mass production.

In terms of marketing deployment, Yonxia will build first batch of experiencing centers in 20 cities to meet the demands of experiencing, service and mobility of electric vehicles in China's major cities. Youxia electric vehicles will be available for both supercharging piles and private charging piles. Similar to the marketing mode of Tesla and Apple, customers can test drive Youxia models at the bricks-and-mortar stores and order models online.

China auto market news, Youxia Motors Wei Jun, Tesla Apple,BMW Porsche Volkswagen Volvo Baidu Tencent

Once the Huzhou super factory finished construction and put into operation, Youxia Motors will expand a staff team with one thousand employers. With strong industrial background in a wide variety of well-known auto brands and internet companies, such as BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Baidu and Tencent, etc., they boast rich auto industrial experience and innovative thoughts. Not long ago, Youxia Motors introduced top design teams which had designed the Lamborghini and Ferrari models, etc. It also set up Youxia's global design center in Europe.

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