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BYD new “e” product matrix consisting of 8 EV models
Molly From Gasgoo| November 07 , 2018

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)- BYD plans to build the "e" product matrix consisting of 8 EV models—the BYD S2, S3, S5, e1, e2, e3, e5 and e6, according to local media. This indicates that the automaker will roll out more new EV models in the future.

BYD's existing "Dynasty" product lineup is composed of the Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan series. Unlike the “Dynasty” lineup, the vehicles belonging to the "e" lineup feature the English logo of “BYD” rather than the Chinese character "比亚迪".

The BYD e5 and e6, two BEV models currently available for sale, will be used for ride hailing and car sharing services, according to the company's latest product planning.

The other 6 models cover various segments in EV domain. The BYD S3 and S5 are all-electric SUV models. The BYD S2, e1, e2 and e3 are respectively positioned as the sub-compact SUV, mini sedan, sub-compact crossover SUV and compact sedan.

BYD launched an innovative e-Platform and DiLink Intelligent Network System at the Auto China in Beijing. The e-platform is BYD's brand new BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) platform, which boasts such features as independent innovation, high integration and exceptional performance.

The e-platform can be elucidated through a series number of "33111". The "33" means the "three-in-one" powertrain and the “three-in-one” power distribution assembly. The "111" stands for a motherboard, a panel and a battery. To be specific, the first "1" is a PCB board integrating dozen of control modules such as car lamps, air conditioners and smart keys, etc. The second "1" represents a large-sized car-borne smart rotatable screen outfitted with the DiLink intelligent system, and the third "1" refers to a high-performance power battery module.

The e-platform has by far seen the birth of the BYD Yuan EV360 and the Qin EV500.

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