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Sichuan rolls out polices to support NEV, intelligent vehicle development
Monika From Gasgoo| July 01 , 2020

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- China's Sichuan provincial government is soliciting public opinions on the measures designed for the development of local new energy vehicle (NEV) and intelligent vehicle industries, which are launched to ease the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the domestic auto industry and help improve the capabilities of independent R&D and industrialization.

To encourage the R&D of advanced new products, manufacturers will be rewarded with an one-off bonus of 1 million yuan ($141,473) per model for the development of new energy PV, bus, truck and hydrogen fuel cell models, according to a draft paper issued by the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department on June 28. Those models are required to be listed on the MIIT's catalogue with their annual sales amounting to 1,000 units, 200 units, 500 units and 50 units respectively. Each company shall be given not more than 5 million yuan ($707,364).

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(Ruijie D30EG, photo source: Nanjun Auto)

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles shall be covered by the supporting policy for Sichuan province's first piece (set) of crucial high-tech equipment. Developers and business users shall be given subsidies of not more than 5 million yuan ($707,364) base on the unit price and actual sales of equipment.

For the NEV and intelligent vehicle R&D projects that achieve significant technical breakthroughs, they shall be afforded with a bonus equivalent to not more than 30% of the actual investment with a maximum value of 5 million yuan ($707,364) per project.

To support the construction of innovation platforms related to NEV and intelligent vehicle, the newly-approved national level manufacturing innovation centers shall be provided with special subsidies at a certain proportion in line with that of the state's construction funds. Besides, the provincial level manufacturing innovation hubs shall be given special cash handouts worth 10 million yuan ($1,414,727) at one go.

The authority states that it will encourage the province's local hydrogen fuel cell developers and manufacturers, complete vehicle makers, and scientific research institutes to make breakthroughs in such fields as hydrogen fuel cell battery system, hydrogen production by water electrolysis, core parts of hydrogen facilities, autonomous driving system, human-machine interaction system, IoV as well as vehicle-road cooperation.

As part of endeavors to support local automakers in improving product quality and spurring sales, the government will grant manufacturers of new energy PVs, trucks and buses whose annual sales volumes reach 10,000 units, 5,000 units and 3,000 units, and all represent over 10% year-on-year growth an one-off bonus worth 0.5% of their sales. The subsidies for each firm shall be not more than 10 million yuan ($1,414,727).

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