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Gasgoo Awards 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award applicant: Pingjia

From Pingjia| September 23 , 2022 16:58 BJT

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, Pingjia has applied for the 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award applicant: Pingjia

Photo credit: Pingjia

Enterprise Name: Pingjia

Main Business in Auto Industry

Development and operation the intelligent insurance platform for automotive industry.

Founder Background

Li Xiankun

Chairman (Founder) of Shanghai Pingjia Technology Co., Ltd

He was the founder of China TSP and the vice president of PATEO.

As the first generation of entrepreneurs in the telematics industry of China, He is the leader of telematics industry, which serves the most automobile manufacturers in China; the leader of the first domestic driving behavior evaluation function network project; the main advocate of intelligent vehicle networking;

He served as the president of Big Data Artificial Intelligence Branch of CEATEC, the leader of Internet of Vehicles Insurance Industry Standard of CBIRC, the vice chairman of China Internet of Things Council, the distinguished expert consultant of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, and the distinguished expert of Internet of Vehicles Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. At the same time, he is a member of the Internet Society of China, as well as telematics expert in Shanghai and Automatic driving expert in Beijing.

Overall Corporate Strength

1. R&D capabilities: 

Pingjia has been deeply researched the data models for intelligent automobiles more than 6 years, and has in-depth cooperation with major automobile companies and insurance companies. Among them, the risk model verification vehicle claim data exceeds 3.5 million vehicles, which is the company with the most models verified by insurance company claim data in the market at present. With in-depth cooperation with the OEMs and other relevant units, Pingjia has accumulated more than 8 million active commercial vehicles and more than 6 trillion kilometers of total mileage, making it the most abundant company in this field in China. At present, Pingjia is the only company in the market that has a full set of solutions for the combination of intelligent Internet connection data and insurance, from product to operation to after-sales service. The products have high availability and maturity, and fully connect the driving behavior data processing with insurance business processing, helping cooperative insurance companies to quickly promote their business; At the same time, the model products can output various user portraits and vehicle portraits for the main engine plant, and conduct big data analysis on relevant markets and products.

2. Core technical team profile:

Chief technology officer: Xu Xiaomin

Graduated from Dalian University of Technology in 2005, master student, intermediate computer engineer title;

From 2013 to 2017, served as the head of a secondary organization (P10) in YHD.com, and designed the daily active tens of millions of multi-level UV concurrent system;

In 2017-2020, served as senior technical director / technology VP in www.mgzf.com, has designed the first generation of Internet rental TP system;

2020-Now working as the Chief technology officer of Pingjia Technology Co., LTD., leading the development of "Cloud of the Sky" data enabling application platform. Completed the construction of the service package mall, image uploading and other functions of the "Eye of the Sky" channel enabling platform, And lead the low-layer design of Mercedes-Benz closed-loop SaaS system, Completed the database and model upgrade and iteration of the "Shield of the Sky" data risk control platform, He led the team to complete 9 monographs and submit nearly 20 patents in two years.

3. Supporting and Cooperation:

Pingjia has formed cooperation with 14 insurance companies with a market share of more than 90%, such as PICC, China Ping An, Pacific Insurance and China life property insurance. It has been applied in more than 10 automobile manufacturers, such as CCAG, Volvo, SAIC, AIWAYS and WM Motor, and has achieved good results; The industrial basic implementation platform jointly built with CBIT has aggregated the core business system interfaces of insurance transaction services of 64 property insurance companies, with 100% coverage of automobile insurance;

The number of auto dealers and dealer groups involved in the auto manufacturer system of evaluation and driving cooperation has exceeded 5000.

Pingjia has the national service ability. Pingjia has a subsidiary in Beijing, and has set up four service areas nationwide. According to service needs, it has set up a customer service center to provide online customer service, artificial intelligence customer service, artificial hotline customer service and other forms. The whole service system has been unanimously recognized by partners.

Pingjia has established its own data centers in Jiangxi Telecom and the information center of the Ministry of transport, with a sound development system and a strong security system.

4. Patents or other credentials:

Shanghai high tech enterprise certification, ISO27001 information security management system certification,

ISO20000 information technology service management system certification

Information system security level protection level III certification,

At present, it has accumulated 27 invention patents and 41 software copyrights, and participated in the formulation and release of an industry standard.

Core Products/Technologies

1. Product Name: Automobile and insurance data interaction and comprehensive application service platform (mass-produced)

2. Technical Description:

The automobile and insurance data interaction and comprehensive application service platform is an automobile intelligent data and insurance transaction application platform. It is an information flow collaboration center, computing center and resource center. It integrates technologies such as perception, communication, computing and control. Based on standardized communication protocols, it realizes the mutual mapping of physical space and information space, including "vehicle, traffic and environment", aggregates financial and insurance services, standardized interaction and efficient collaboration The big data capability of cloud computing is used to solve systematic resource optimization and configuration problems, and promote the dynamic on-demand response, rapid iteration and dynamic optimization of "people, vehicles and services". 

3. Unique advantages:

The platform is based on intelligent automobile technology, with dynamic risk assessment model as the core, cluster analysis model as the extension, transaction aggregation service as the tentacle, cloud platform as the carrier, and mobile Internet technology as the support, so as to provide industry layout decision support, industry supervision, security monitoring and other services for the government, and provide business decision-making, business layout, R & D support, sales support and other services for enterprises, In line with a series of new policies such as national digital integration, government enterprise integration demonstration, data innovation demonstration, data circulation public service platform and demonstration application, we will further promote the healthy development of industrial management, industrial services and industries.

The platform makes use of multi-source data collection technology, artificial intelligence algorithm technology and service platform technology to connect automobile and insurance, plays an important role in driving risk prevention, financial and insurance anti fraud, automobile and insurance marketing / service integration, insurance product design, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and can provide controllable industry supervision technical support for government regulators, So as to achieve the development and improvement of the industry as a whole and sub sectors.

4. Application Scenarios:

1. Product analysis and user portrait based on intelligent data (driving behavior analysis, autopilot status analysis, intelligent cockpit analysis, etc.)

2. Insurance product services based on intelligent data (driving behavior data, automatic driving data, etc.)

3. Insurance transaction and claim settlement service (including accident vehicle service)

Enterprise Future Development Prospect

With the continuous deepening of the construction of Digital China, the overall acceleration of enterprise digital transformation in the post epidemic era and the popularization of intelligent vehicles, will further provide data value services by improving and developing the cloud service platform system based on automobile and insurance data, enabling automobile manufacturers, automobile dealers and insurance companies; And further deepen the cooperation with Finance and insurance industrial infrastructure such as CBIT and SHIE to help establish industrial technology and service standards.

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