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SAIC-GM-Wuling's Baojun Yep small-sized electric SUV hits market

Monika From Gasgoo| May 26 , 2023 13:30 BJT

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On May 25, SAIC-GM-Wuling officially put the Baojun Yep, a fire new small-sized all-electric SUV under the Baojun brand, onto the market, targeting urban young consumers who value both individuality and quality.

The Baojun Yep comes with two trim levels, which are priced at 79,800 yuan (Flagship edition) and 89,800 yuan (Zhizun edition), respectively. It is now available for online reservations through the Baojun App, LING Club App, and WeChat mini-program. It can also be purchased and test-driven at Wuling and Baojun dealerships nationwide.

SAIC-GM-Wuling's Baojun Yep small-sized electric SUV hits market

Photo credit: SGMW

The Baojun Yep Zhizun edition is equipped with the Lingxi intelligent driving system, which represents deep integration of Wuling’s and DJI's technologies.

One of the notable features of the Lingxi intelligent driving system is the memory parking function, which memorizes the route from a specific point to a fixed parking space. When the vehicle re-enters the memorized route, it can autonomously perform a series of operations under the driver's supervision, including driving through the parking lot, maintaining a safe distance, maneuvering around obstacles, avoiding pedestrians, and parking in the designated space. This function can be operational at both indoor and outdoor parking lots.

The Lingxi intelligent driving system contains a pair of forward-looking stereoscopic binocular cameras, a forward millimeter-wave radar, four ultra-wide-angle surround-view cameras, twelve ultrasonic radars, and a vehicle-level domain controller. With its industry-leading integrated pilot and parking solution, it delivers a safe and effortless intelligent driving experience.

Besides, the system also brings intelligent driving assistance capabilities for the speed range of 0-80km/h, including advanced lane-keeping, lever-based lane changing, intelligent speed adjustment for curves, obstacle recognition and response, close-range merging assistance, and human-machine co-driving functions, which are available for chaotic lane conditions. In terms of parking assistance, it can recognize and park in vertical, parallel, and horizontal parking spaces at any angle. In addition, the system can intelligently plan parking routes under extreme parking situations. The average parking time is only 30 seconds, making it user-friendly and highly practical.

Furthermore, the Baojun Yep Zhizun edition supports the memory parking function, allowing users to supervise the Lingxi intelligent driving system as it autonomously drives and parks the vehicle in the target parking space, so as to reduce driver fatigue and stress.

SAIC-GM-Wuling's Baojun Yep small-sized electric SUV hits market

Photo credit: SGMW

In addition to its intelligent driving experience, the Baojun Yep stands out with its distinctive Square Box design language, automatic LED headlights, side-opening tailgate, and Car-watch personalized strap.

The Baojun Yep features a McPherson independent front suspension, a three-link solid rear axle suspension, a 50 kW high-power electric motor that is good for a peak torque of 140 N·m, and can run at a top speed of 105 km/h. It has a range of 303 km under the CLTC test cycle, with a power consumption of 10.78 km per kWh. The vehicle supports both fast and slow charging modes, and fast charging from 30% to 80% of the battery capacity takes only 35 minutes.

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