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Gasgoo Awards 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award applicant: LinearX

From LinearX| September 22 , 2022 16:42 BJT

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, LinearX has applied for the 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award applicant: LinearX

Photo credit: LinearX

Enterprise Name: LinearX

Main Business in Auto Industry

LinearX CarOS, the platform software for Autonomous Driving

Founder Background

Co-founder & CEO Zhuliang KE: B.S. in Communication Engineering from Xidian University in China; M.S. in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University. Spent over 15 years in Huawei, Volkswagen and TTTech Auto, as software engineer, architect, technical leader, and platform leader. Since 2018, Zhuliang oversaw the ADAS/AD software platform at the joint venture of SAIC Group and TTTech, and deployed the product with SAIC R brand, IM Motor, and other Chinese OEMs.

Co-founder & President Dong HAN: B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Max Planck Institute of Informatics. MBA from INSEAD. EU “Marie Curie Fellow”. Author of “AI Commercialization Practice”published by Tsinghua University Press. Worked as CEO of AITC founded by Professor Hans Uszkoreit, a leading German AI scientist; as GM of Strategic Investment at a public company. Dong also worked at Deutsche Bank, Rocket Internet, and advised many AI companies on their China market-entry and business development, including Cognata, an Israeli autonomous driving company.

Co-founder & COO Liang ZHOU: B.S. in Software Engineering and B.A. in Business Administration from Southeast University in China. Worked as VP of Operations at Thundersoft. Oversaw Thundersoft’s European business including Rightware, a global leader in UI technology of intelligent vehicles. Prior to Thundersoft, Liang worked at Ericsson (China and Sweden), as COO of management service business of Northeast Asia, and led Ericsson's first Internet of Vehicles project in China as project director.

Overall Corporate Strength

1. R&D capabilities: 

LinearX provides real-time, reliable and functional-safety CarOS solutions for autonomous driving and beyond. 

The team has mature experience in platform software development from varied AD and ADAS projects for OEMs in Europe and China. Moreover, LinearX is the only team in China with SOP and mass production experience in SOA-compliant driving systems. 

LinearX CarOS is a safe, reliable, SOA-compliant platform solution provider for automobile industries. The platform breaks the“Data Island”and provides communication between MCU and multi-SOC, realizing the decoupling between software and hardware. LinearX’s solution foster collaboration with customers to speed up commercialization, enhance safety level and reimagine the future vehicles. 

2. Core technical team profile:

The core R&D team consists of 5 experienced engineers with proven track record in the automotive, software, and internet industry. They are alumni from top tier companies and have decades of experience in designing real-time automotive software with fail-operational performance.

3. Supporting and Cooperation:

LinearX has proactively cooperated with market players in the automobile indusdry. The company has signed a cooperation agreement with QNX and successfully joined the NVDIA Inception Program. Recently, LinearX has accelerated the R&D process of simulation with Cognata. LinearX is also actively adapting the software and tool chain to domestic-developed chips. The company has started cooperation with SemiDrive.

4. Patents or other credentials:

Patents and software copyright are in the application process.

Core Products/Technologies

1. Product Name: LinearX CarOS. LinearX has started the first POC project.

2. Technical Description:

Besides the compliance with AUTOSAR standard, our product design is focusing on the Chinese customers' requirements and migrated with the understanding of real-time system.

LinearX CarOS is a safe and reliable real-time system with the feature of scheduling. It can simultaneously provides safe real-time communication and dual protocol based on SOA service. 

LinearX CarOS Solution supports multi-core and heterogeneous architecture and can quickly respond to the development of intelligent vehicles in China. 

The supporting LinearX Toolchain builds an efficient agile development loop and revolutionizes the efficiency of DCU development. Through building an efficient agile development loop, both the development period and cost will be reduced 80%.

3. Unique advantages:

In addition to ensuring safety and real-time requirements, LinearX has made improvements and innovations in response to Adaptive AUTOSAR SOA and the needs of Chinese customers. At the same time, it has developed its own tool chain to generate customized platform software automatically by zero manual code.

- Adaptive AUTOSAR SOA: LinearX CarOS is suitable for multi-core operating systems, and supports parallel processing of massive data, including diagnostics, Log & Trace, state management, communication management, time synchronization, cryptography and platform health.

- Chinese customer needs: In response to the high speed of development of AD/ADAS in the Chinese market and the pursuit of computing power, LinearX's self-developed CarOS and solution supports extensive multi-core and heterogeneous architecture and realizes cross-domain communication. 

- Tool chain: LinearX provides users with a simple user interface to configure each software module; customers will get all the code for their generated platform software and own the IP rights. They can independently conduct testing and subsequent development.

4. Application Scenarios:

Autonomous driving domain, chassis domain, AD/ADAS, etc.

Enterprise Future Development Prospect

LinearX provides a safe operating system for autonomous driving and beyond, which enables real-time interaction among MCU and multiple SoC, within and across domains. We empower players in the automotive market to unleash the full potential of future vehicles. We break through the data barriers between MCU and multi-SOC, between underlying data and application platform. We make smooth interconnection within and across domain come true. Reliable, scalable, and customizable, LinearX’s solution foster collaboration with customers to speed up commercialization, enhance safety level and reimagine the future vehicles.

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