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All-new NIO ES6 hits market, starting at 368,000 yuan with battery

Monika From Gasgoo| May 24 , 2023 22:39 BJT

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On the evening of May 24, the all-new NIO ES6 officially hit the market, with two trim levels offered, which start at 368,000 yuan and 426,000 yuan with the battery pack, respectively.

Through the battery rental solution, the all-new ES6 without battery pack will be priced at 298,000 yuan. Users are allowed to use the 75kWh battery by paying 980 yuan per month, and 1,680 yuan each month for the 100kWh battery.

As a new generation model, the all-new ES6 is built on the NT2.0 platform, featuring the addition of a LiDAR sensor and an upgraded intelligent system called Banyan 2.0.0. Overall, the new model showcases significant improvements in terms of product capability compared to its predecessor. It's worth mentioning that the new NIO ES6 will begin deliveries as early as May 25, reducing waiting time for customers.

All-new NIO ES6 hits market, starting at 368,000 yuan with battery

In terms of dimensions, the all-new ES6 measures 4,854mm in length, 1,995mm in width, and 1,703mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,915mm. Compared to the first-generation ES6, the new model boasts a longer wheelbase, wider body, and lower height, presenting a more dynamic and athletic stance.

The rear end features the signature illumiBlade light strip that spans 1.35 meters in length, with the narrowest illuminated section measuring only 4.3mm. Utilizing the Super Red LED technology, the lighting effect is delicate, combining both technology sense and distinctiveness.

All-new NIO ES6 hits market, starting at 368,000 yuan with battery

Furthermore, the all-new ES6 comes standard with 20-inch low-drag racing wheels and NIO’s self-developed high-performance four-piston calipers, with an optional upgrade to 21-inch carbon fiber wheels.

In terms of color options, the car is available in ten choices in total.

All-new NIO ES6 hits market, starting at 368,000 yuan with battery

As for the interior, the all-new ES6 showcases a minimalist design, continuing NIO’s concept of the "second living room." The upper layer of the instrument panel, known as the technology layer, includes a liquid crystal instrument cluster, a floating center display, and NOMI. These elements, combined with hidden smart air vents, create a visually layered effect for the front cabin. The lower layer of the instrument panel, which NIO calls the comfort layer, features soft-touch materials and embracing lines, presenting a visually immersive cabin experience.

The all-new ES6 is 55mm lower than its predecessor. However, thanks to the overall optimization of the cabin layout, the rear headroom has been increased by 75mm. The seats are built on NIO's in-house developed high-end seat platform, incorporating the Multi-Layer comfort system. The newly upgraded Queen's Seat, with up to 22 ways of adjustments, allows for one-touch comfort mode, coordinating the headrest, backrest, seat cushion, leg support, and footrest to achieve a zero-gravity posture with a 120° recline.

All-new NIO ES6 hits market, starting at 368,000 yuan with battery

NIO Aquila Super Sensing system; photo credit: NIO

Regarding advanced driving capabilities, the all-new ES6 comes standard with the NIO Aquila Super Sensing system and the NIO Adam Super Computing platform, equipped with 33 high-performance sensors that generate 8G of data per second. The use of a roof-mounted perch-like layout for the LiDAR and the forward-facing 8-million-pixel camera allows the sensors to effectively see beyond obstacles, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety. The Adam platform is powered by four NVIDIA Drive Orin chips with 48 CPU cores, 256 matrix operations units, and 8,096 floating-point operations units, supporting a total of 68 billion transistors and a computing power up to 1,016 TOPS.

The all-new ES6 will be equipped with dual motors at the front and rear. The maximum power output of the front motor is 150kW, while the rear motor offers an output of up to 210kW. Running on 20-inch wheels, the vehicle has a CLTC range of 490km and 625km available for the 75kWh and 100kWh battery pack, respectively. When equipped with 21-inch wheels, the range is reduced to 450km for the 75kWh version and 575km for the 100kWh one.


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