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Top stories of BYD in 2022

Monika From Gasgoo| January 27 , 2023 15:21 BJT

For the year of 2022, BYD Company Limited ("BYD") sold a total of 1,868,543 vehicles, representing a year-on-year hike of 152.46%, according to the company's announcement.

Of the vehicles sold last year, 1,863,494 units were new energy vehicles (NEVs), reflecting a surge of 208.64% year-over-year.

As a leading power battery maker in China, BYD recorded a power battery installed capacity of 69.1 GWh in 2022, making up 23.45% of the country's totals and ranking second among power battery makers in China, according to according to the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance (CAPBIIA).

Top stories of BYD in 2022

Photo credit: BYD

Let's review the significant moments BYD experienced in 2022.

BYD, FAW Group build battery joint venture

In Jan. 2022, BYD Company Limited and FAW Group founded a joint venture dedicated to power battery-related business.

According to the corporate database Tianyancha, the new venture, dubbed FAW Fudi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (called "FAW Fudi" for short), was incorporated on Jan. 15, 2022 in Changchun, where FAW Group is headquartered and involves a registered capital of 1 billion yuan. It is 51% held by Fudi Industry Co.,Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD Company Limited, and 49% controlled by FAW Equity Investment (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd., whose sole shareholder is FAW Group.

FAW Fudi features a business scope covering the development, production, and sales of power batteries, power battery systems, energy storage batteries and energy storage systems, the offering of relevant after-sales and technology consulting services, as well as the recycling and cascade utilization of batteries.

BYD to build industrial park in Hubei's Xiangyang for power battery, NEV parts production

BYD signed a framework agreement in late Jan. 2022 with the municipal government of Xiangyang city, Hubei province to promote the construction of an industrial park that works on production of power batteries and other businesses, according to a post on the WeChat account "Hubei Fabu", which is owned by Hubei provincial government.

The agreement was signed only three months after BYD contacted with local authority for the project. The industrial park will have facilities like power battery production lines, and gather suppliers and resources for the production of core components.

BYD unveils new brand identity for group, passenger vehicle unit

BYD Company Limited ("BYD") on Feb. 17 announced the launch of new brand design for both the group and its passenger vehicle business ("BYD Auto").

BYD said the new logo design resulted from “a perfect combination of technological and humanistic aesthetics", highlighting BYD's “human-centered” value and aspiration to solve social problems by using technologies.

Faurecia, BYD establish auto parts sub-subsidiary

BYD and Faurecia's subsidiary set up a new sub-subsidiary, named Changzhou Faurecia Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Faurecia), in Feb., according to China's corporate database, Qichacha.

Changzhou Faurecia was established on February 16th, with an RMB10 million registered capital. Qichacha’s record showed that the new company is authorized to develop, manufacture, and sell auto parts and automotive decorations. The company is wholly owned by Shenzhen Faurecia Auto Parts Co., Ltd.  

FAW Group, BYD hold ground-breaking ceremony for joint power battery plant

On Feb. 26, FAW Fudi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (FAW Fudi), a joint venture between FAW Group and BYD, broke ground on a power battery manufacturing base in Changchun city, Jilin province, according to a post on FAW Group's WeChat account.

Involving a total investment of 13.5 billion yuan, the Changchun-based power battery project is designed to satisfy the battery demands for 600,000 electric vehicles annually and output a yearly production value of over 20 billion yuan.

BYD Auto lifts prices of some NEV models due to raw materials price rise

BYD Auto announced in March it would bump up prices by 3,000 yuan ($470) to 6,000 yuan ($940) for several new energy vehicle (NEV) models of the Dynasty and Ocean lineups due to the continuous hike in raw materials prices.

The adjustment came into effect at zero o'clock a.m. on March 16, only 10 minutes after the policy was released.

BYD, Shell to build joint venture for EV charging network development in China

Global energy giant Shell and BYD planned to build a joint venture focusing on developing an electric vehicle (EV) charging network in China, as part of the global strategic cooperation both parties reached on March 24.

The joint venture was expected to operate over 10,000 EV charging points in Shenzhen first, and then expand its businesses to other cities.

BYD partners with Guiyang government for new-type battery project, battery assembly lines

On April 1, BYD Company Limited and Guiyang municipal government signed an agreement to conduct the in-depth cooperation in a new-type power battery industrial project, the construction of battery assembly lines, and other businesses, according to a post on the city's governmental WeChat account.

The latest move meant that the partnership between BYD and Guiyang, the capital of China's Guizhou province, had been further deepened. In December 2019, BYD inked an investment agreement with the authority of Guiyang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone for the establishment of Guiyang Fudi Battery Co., Ltd. (“Guiyang Fudi”) and the building of an intelligent manufacturing industrial park.

BYD stops making oil-fueled vehicles

BYD announced on April 4 it had stopped the production of oil-fueled vehicles in March and would make battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles only.

BYD said the discontinued production of oil-fueled vehicles was to align with its strategic development requirements. Meanwhile, it would continue to produce and supply the components of oil-fueled vehicles, so as to continuously serve its existing customers.

BYD to build 22GWh Blade battery production facility in Xianju county

BYD Company Limted entered into a strategic cooperation agreement a few days ago with the governments of Xianju county and Taizhou city to build a new "Blade" battery manufacturing base, according to a post on Xianju's official WeChat account.

Covering an area of around 1,500 mu (1 million square meters), the battery project will be located in Xianju county's Economic Development Zone with a designed annual production capacity of 22GWh. The “Blade” batteries to be produced there will be mainly applied in BYD's DM-i models.

BYD to see some vehicles equipped with chips from Horizon Robotics

On April 21st, China's major automaker BYD and auto-grade chip supplier Horizon Robotics announced that some BYD’s vehicle models would be equipped with Horizon Robotics’ Journey 5 chips.

By virtue of Journey 5's high performance and high computing power, the duo will facilitate an integrated driving/parking solution with market competitiveness and explore advanced autonomous driving.

BYD launches CTB technology, starts presale of BYD Seal

On May 20, BYD formally launched the cell-to-body ("CTB") battery technology. Presale of the BYD Seal, the first production model to use BYD's CTB technology, kicked off at the same time.

The automaker claimed the presale prices of the BYD Seal range from 212,800-289,800 yuan after subsidies.

According to BYD, the CTB technology can combine a car's underbody cover and battery pack's top cover together to simplify the car body's structure and manufacturing process.

BYD's FinDreams Battery completes production line installation at Shaoxing plant

On June 14, FinDreams Battery, a battery manufacturer wholly-owned by BYD, saw its manufacturing plant in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province complete installation and tooling for production lines, according to a post on Shaoxing government's official WeChat account.

Located in Shengzhou, a county-level city administered by Shaoxing, the new battery manufacturing base covers an area of around 1,800mu (1.2 million square meters) with about 13 billion yuan to be invested. Upon its completion, the factory is anticipated to output a production value of over 20 billion yuan per year.

BYD sees Hefei plant's first vehicle come off line

On June 30, BYD saw the first vehicle produced at its Hefei manufacturing base roll off the production line, according to a local media outlet, indicating a faster pace for BYD's future new vehicle delivery.

BYD's ATTO 3 hits market in Singapore

The ATTO 3, an A-segment SUV riding on BYD's e-platform 3.0, went on sale in Singapore on July 8, marking the model's debut in one of the ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries.

The name of the model, ATTO, is inspired by "Attosecond", the smallest time scale unit in physics, which means the ATTO 3 is speedy, energetic, and dynamic.

BYD to sell all-electric passenger vehicles in Japan from 2023

BYD Company Limited announced on July 21 its foray into Japan's passenger vehicle market, marking a milestone in the company's ambitious global business expansion.

At a brand launching ceremony hosted by BYD's Japan-based subsidiary, the Shenzhen-headquartered company showcased three models to be sold in Japan, namely, the Yuan PLUS, the Dolphin, and the Seal.

BYD Seal hits market, starting at 209,800 yuan

The BYD Seal, the second model from BYD's Ocean-themed EV family, formally hit the market on July 29. Delivery of the new model will kick off next month.

Coming with four trim levels, the Seal is priced from 209,800 yuan to 286,800 yuan after subsidies.

BYD teams up with Hedin Mobility Group to deliver electric cars in Germany, Sweden

BYD announced on Aug. 1 that the leading European car dealer, Hedin Mobility Group, had been appointed as its "Dealer +" in Germany and Sweden.

Through the partnership, Hedin Mobility Group will distribute and sell BYD's electric passenger cars, and provide relevant aftersales services in German and Swedish markets.

BYD announces foray into PV market of Thailand

On August 8, BYD Company Limited held a brand conference with RÊVER Automotive, a car dealer focusing on new energy vehicles, to announce its official entry into Thailand's passenger vehicle market.

Thailand's electric vehicle market has witnessed an exploding expansion in recent years, said BYD. Nearly 30 automakers from different regions around the world have entered the Thai market, offering around 100,000 jobs to local people. The Thai government expects EVs to account for 30% of the country's total automobile output by 2030, wishing to build Thailand into an important NEV market in Southeast Asia. Both the market prospect and governmental support give BYD an unprecedented opportunity to enter the local EV market.

BYD to develop power battery manufacturing, mining projects in Yichun

On August 15, BYD Company Limited signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the municipal government of Yichun city, local authorities of Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yifeng county, as well as Yichun Mining Co., Ltd. to develop power battery manufacturing and mining projects, according to a post on the city's governmental WeChat account, “Yichun Fabu”.

Under the agreement, BYD plans to pour a total of 28.5 billion yuan in building a power battery base with an annual production capacity of 30GWh and an ore mining and selecting base with a capacity of outputting 100,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium carbonate and ceramic clay (containing lithium) in Yichun city, China's Jiangxi province.

BYD works with Nic. Christiansen Group to sell electric passenger vehicles in Denmark

BYD announced on Aug. 16 it had appointed Nic. Christiansen Group as a dealer for its electric passenger vehicles in Denmark, making the company's foray into another European country's passenger vehicle market following Germany and Sweden.

Established over 50 years ago, Nic. Christiansen Group has an automobile dealership network throughout Denmark. By virtue of these facilities, the Danish company will offer national distribution, sales, and service supports and online resources to BYD's passenger vehicle customers in Denmark.

BYD launches eBus Blade Platform at IAA Transportation 2022

BYD showcased its latest innovations in e-Mobility for commercial vehicles at the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover this week.

At the auto exhibition, BYD launched its innovative eBus Blade Platform, which incorporates the ultra-safe Blade Battery, which the company says is redefining EV safety standard.

BYD announces presale prices of three NEV models for European markets

On Sept. 28, BYD held an online ceremony to announce it would introduce three new energy passenger vehicle (NEPV) models to European markets with their presale prices unveiled at the same time.

The three NEPV models BYD planned to launch in Europe are the Yuan PLUS (named ATTO 3 for European markets) C-segment SUV, the BYD Han E-segment sedan, and the BYD Tang E-segment SUV. To be specific, the presale price of the ATTO 3 is €38,000 in Germany, while both the BYD Han and Tang are priced at €72,000 in the country in presale.

BYD Yuan PLUS goes on sale in Mongolian passenger vehicle market

On Oct. 16, BYD officially put its Yuan PLUS all-electric SUV onto the passenger vehicle market of Mongolia, with the help of its local dealer partner, MSM Group.

Prior to the launch of the BYD Yuan PLUS (named Atto 3 overseas), BYD has already put several battery-electric vehicle (BEV) models on sale in Mongolia, such as the T3, the Tang EV, the Han EV, and the Dolphin since its foray into local PV market in 2020. Currently, BYD has taken 87% share of the Mongolian new energy passenger vehicle market, and its share in the local all-electric PV market has reached 58%.

BYD, Santander Bank forge partnership in Brazilian automobile financing field

On Oct. 18 (local time), BYD's Brazil subsidiary formed a strategic partnership with Santander Bank ("Santander"), a leading Brazilian bank in automotive financing, marking another major step following BYD's foray into Brazil's passenger vehicle (PV) market last year, according to a press release from BYD.

The newly built cooperation would provide local customers with one-stop auto financing services, from credit analysis and credit approval, to payment options through a fully digital platform.

BYD joins hands with Saga Group to promote NEVs in Brazil

In Oct., BYD forged a partnership with Saga Group, the largest dealer group in Brazil, with their first cooperative store opened in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, according to a post on BYD's WeChat account for overseas businesses.

As of the signing date, BYD's automobile dealer network has included 10 stores in the country, offering outstanding NEV sale and after-sale services to local consumers.

BYD teams up with LEAL Group to bring new energy passenger vehicles to Mauritius

In early Nov., BYD Auto Industry Company Limited announced a partnership with LEAL Group, a major car dealership group in Mauritius, to promote its new energy passenger vehicle (NEPVs) in the local market.

The cooperation was formed after BYD and LEAL Energie Ltd., a subsidiary of LEAL Group, held an online signing ceremony at both BYD’s global headquarters in Shenzhen and LEAL Group's headquarters in Port Louis.

BYD sees 3 millionth NEV roll off production line

BYD Company Limited ("BYD" or "the group") held an online ceremony on Nov. 16 to celebrate its 3 millionth new energy vehicle (NEV) rolling off the production line at the manufacturing base in Changzhou city, making BYD the first Chinese indigenous auto brand to hit the milestone.

It took BYD 13 years to complete the first-million-NEV production volume, said the group, while the span was shortened to only one year and half a year for the second and third million units of NEV output, respectively.

BYD halts spin-off and listing process for semiconductor unit

BYD Company Limited announced on Nov. 15 it has agreed for BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd., ("BYD Semiconductor"), one of BYD's non-wholly owned subsidiaries, to terminate the spin-off and listing progress onto the ChiNext Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and withdraw the listing application materials.

In the latest announcement, BYD noted that the decision to stop advancing the spin-off and listing process for the semiconductor unit was made based on the consideration of industry development and strategic positioning of future business, as well as sufficient and prudent research, in order to speed up the construction of wafer production capacity, and make overall arrangements for business development and capital operation planning.

BYD teams up with Auto Nejma SA. to offer new energy passenger vehicle models in Morocco

BYD Auto Industry Company Limited, a subsidiary of the world's leading new energy vehicle manufacturer BYD, announced on Nov. 21 it had formed a partnership with Auto Nejma SA. to jointly promote its new energy passenger vehicles in Morocco.

With 27 years of efforts, BYD has progressed into a one-stop new energy vehicle solutions provider, comprehensively grasping such NEV-related technologies as batteries, electric motors, electric control units, and automotive-grade chips.

BYD announces new price rise plan on some NEV models

BYD announced on Nov. 23 that it would raise the guidance prices of some NEV models under its Dynasty and Ocean series, and DENZA brand by 2,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan per car. The price cut date and details on specific models would be released in a future statement.

The company noted that the customers who put down a deposit before Jan. 1, 2023 would not be affected by the price adjustments.

BYD starts production at Jinan vehicle plant

BYD's new plant in Jinan city, the capital of China's Shandong province, had already started operation with the first vehicle, a Song Pro DM-i SUV, rolling off the production line on Nov. 30, according to a local media outlet.

Located at Qingning Industrial Park, the new factory covers an area of 4,300 mu (2.867 million square meters) and a floorage of 1.85 million square meters. It involves a total investment of 15 billion yuan and features a planned annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles, which is halved for the first and second phases.

The second phase of the Jinan plant is expected for operation in June 2023.

BYD Dolphin all-electric car makes debut in Colombia

In early Dec., BYD unveiled the Dolphin all-electric hatchback in Colombia, in partnership with the local car dealer MOTORYSA, in order to inject new impetus into Colombia's transition towards green transportation, the company said via its WeChat account.

The BYD Dolphin is the first production model riding on BYD's e-platform 3.0. It is equipped with BYD's Blade Battery with a capacity of 44.0kWh, which offers the model a range of up to 405km under the NEDC test cycle.

BYD unveils logo of 'Yangwang' high-end auto brand

On Dec. 8, BYD unveiled the logo of its luxury new energy vehicle (NEV) brand "Yangwang" (meaning "looking up" in English) via a WeChat account the company registered for the brand.

The automaker said the logo is inspired by the Chinese oracle-bone script for "电" (meaning "electricity" or "power"), which embodies the technology and product routes highlighted by the brand. The logo's zigzag shape represents the spirit of fearless exploration for the brand.

BYD introduces Atto 3 to Malaysian market

On December 8, BYD held a launch event in Kuala Lumpur, announcing its official entry into the Malaysian passenger vehicle market. At the event, BYD introduced its first model in the local market, the Atto 3 (Yuan PLUS), which is priced at RM 149,800-RM 167,800.

BYD joins hands with ASTARA to sell new energy passenger vehicles in Chile

BYD announced its cooperation with ASTARA, an automobile dealer group in Chile, on Dec. 7 (local time), for the exclusive representation and sale of BYD's new energy passenger vehicle models in the Chilean market, according to BYD's press release.

The new partnership marks another remarkable milestone for BYD in Chile since the company introduced its electric buses to the country five years ago.

BYD APP goes live in Thailand

The BYD APP officially came online in Thailand at the closing ceremony of the 39th Thailand International Motor Expo, according to the company's press release. Meanwhile, BYD's Thai dealership partner, Rêver Automotive, also saw its mobile App (Rêver APP) go alive.

The two mobile apps targets different user groups. The BYD APP highlights the vehicle control functions, while the Rêver APP emphasizes users’ lifestyle experiences. The two apps will complement each other to serve BYD's consumers in Thailand.


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